creating digital imagery...since 1989




While in art school Regina brought her drawings to life using a Bolex film camera and an animation stand. When 3-D animation burst onto the scene in the late 1980’s, Regina was right there to tackle the new technology.

Using Wavefront/Alias software and Silicon Graphics hardware, Regina co-founded one of the first digital ad agencies in the country, Outer Circle Inc., and created I Luv my Fumily for the CODE exhibition at the Ricco Maresca Gallery in 1995. 

After serving on First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s exploratory campaign and on her earliest finance committee in her historic run for the US Senate, Regina was asked and became travelling videographer and photographer for the senator.

This montage, created from events taped in Miami, Detroit, Wellesley College, Boston and all over New York state, was shown at Democratic National Convention events in Boston, 2004.vimeo_hrc

After taking care of her mother and writing a book for four years, Tierney started a new company in 2011, Rtierneydigital
specializing in author websites, and social media.


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